SP3 - IOL Injector


SP3 is an intraocular lens injector that can be operated with a single hand, allowing the surgeon to stabilize the eye with another tool. By incorporating a specialized tip in its plunger, SP3 eliminates the need of requiring an additional tool to reposition the lens after injecting.


This project is done with Sylvia Ang Kai Xin in collaboration with Singapore National Eye Centre.


Patent Pending (TEC-12-22-Device for Single Handled Injection of an Intraocular Lens)



HAND is a hand surgery simulator that allows young surgeons to learn and practice surgical procedures like syndactyly release and z-plasty before performing it for the first time.


Designed with Loren Lim, in collaboration with National University Hospital, Department of Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery


HAND is produced to be used for a course,held for the first time in NUH on 16th of November 2013, to teach young surgeons Z-plasty and Syndactyly release.


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