cluster. is a columbarium system concept that aims to optimize space usage by eliminating the unused space that is present in the existing niche. By making use of a modular urn system and a rotating locking mechanism, space usage is optimized.



Spark Awards 2013: Concept ("Spark!" Award)



3D-printed from the cremated remains of the departed, the last gift for the living. A gift that reminds. A gift that takes away loneliness. A gift of acceptance and closure. A gift that offers a fleeting moment of familiarity yet at the same time informs the fact that some things are ephemeral and are lost forever no matter how hard one tries to hang on to.


Design for Death:

This project is one of the 2 shortlisted entries from Singapore for Design for Death Competition, organized by LIEN Foundation & ACM Foundation.




embark. is a water-soluble urn for sea burial. It floats on the surface of the water for a period of time before sinking, providing the bereaved a sense of closure through a controlled sea burial experienced.


Purmundus Challenge 2013:

Selected as one of the 12 finalist for Pumundus Challenge 2013 to be exhibited in Frankfurt (Germany) during EuroMold Night 2013



@SEA is a tracker that is used to track the final resting location of the deceased during sea burial. In Singapore context, sea burial is listed as one of the options of handling remains. However, this method is not widely adopted due to the lack of sense of closure.


This lack of sense of closure, as understood through interviews and surveys, comes from the lack of sense of place, which exist when placing the cremated remains in a columbarium niche as there is a memorial plate indicating that the person is “buried” there.


This project explores the possibility of creating a virtual “resting place” for the deceased through the use of GPS and Bluetooth technology.


Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2014

This project is a shortlisted entry for final judging in Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2014.


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