bench is a bench that is constructed of out the wood salvaged from the benches of the Old National Stadium, bonded seamlessly with adhesive. The weathered texture of the wood on the top surface is retained to preserve a tangible part of history for future generations to feel, as well as an attempt to preserve 34 years of service to the occupants of the Old National Stadium, and now in the form of a public bench, enabling it to continue its service discretely.



Open Category Winnerfor "Bench: Remembering the National Stadium" bench design competition organized by URA and FARM

not just pieces of wood.


Instead of just using the wood as a material to tell a story about the National Stadium, this project aims to be true to the material by respecting the wood as it is in its weathered condition. A tribute to the National Stadium to celebrate its 34 years of history, preserving the traces left behind from the 34 years of weather for future generations to touch and feel.


Wood Studio:

This project is one of the outcome from Wood Studio, led by Mr Hans Tan, as part of the coursework in NUS Division of Industrial Design. It was exhibited in The URA Centre (Singapore) from 28 Februrary 2013 to 18 June 2013.


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